Our thirty- year experience in the cycling field supports us every year in arranging several sports and cultural events in our region. Their growing success gives us the right motivation to improve ourselves and to make our service better..

Last 11th September 2011 we arranged, in  Florence,  the 25th edition of the “Giro Cicloturistico della  Toscana” and the fifth edition of “ Trofeo della Città di Firenze” and the third edition of “ Trofeo Memorial Roberto Bellatti” 

As every year we were successful and lots of riders joined us

Amateur cyclists who  every year take part in our  cycling tour know that they can rely on an excellent organization and that they can enjoy amazing routes which wind up our Tuscan hills, up a landscape that the whole world envies:

the hills of Chianti Classico with splendid  villages like Greve in Chianti, Panzano, Radda in Chianti, the superb landscape provided by the scenic route of Castellina in Chianti and the plunge in the Middle Ages offered by wonderful small villages like  Barberino ValdelsaSemifonte-Petrognano,  and by the nearby Certaldo and  San Gimignano , called  the Manhattan of Tuscany for its tall  medieval towers. 

The perfect organization is mirrored in the quality of refreshment sites; one for all, the uniqueness of the first stop in  Panzano where you can taste the flavours of the “Chiantishire” offered by our poet-butcher Dario Cecchini who recites verses from Divina Commedia while  cutting his steaks. For  this reason every year lots of foreign  amateur cyclists join this event ready to plunge in an amazing dimension made up of landscapes, culture and food-and-wine connoisseurship. Tuscany is always a much sought- after destination  for national and international tourism. The land of Tuscany is rich in  history, art, culture, and it shows excellent  artistic masterpieces, it welcomes the tourists  with  its stunning scenery and charms them with its tasteful flavours and its wines famous  all over the world. The bicycle is the perfect means to appreciate this mixture of art and landscape, of history and food. Riding on unique routes up the Chianti Classico hills or crossing medieval small villages placed on hills covered with olive trees and vineyards where time dimension seems to slow down, following the  ancient routes of the Via Francigena, maybe making a stop at the “open cellars” just to sip a glass of  good wine…this is the best way  to get to  know and appreciate our land. Then riding itself becomes art, a unique experience, a  one-off chance, a way to be involved and to become  part of our territory in order to absorb its  peculiarities, flavours, perfumes and beauties 

If you are favourably disposed and if the idea to know and appreciate this piece  of land  of our region meets  your requirements, you can truly rely on the commitment  and efforts which Bicisporteam   will field  in order to make your participation an  unforgettable event.

Next   …. September 2012, on 2013 World Road Championships eve that will be held in Florence, 

from September 21st  through 29th, Bicisporteam  will arrange  the 26th edition of  “Giro della Toscana”; and for the first time this  event will be included  as valid cycling race  for the UISP Amateur Cyclists National  Championship.

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